The charity Toc H – which I have been part of for over 25 years – has its roots in Talbot House, a World War One soldiers’ club in Belgium. In December 2015 it will be 100 years since that club first opened its doors. In November 1919 the ideals and ethos of that club were continued in peacetime with the formation of the charity. To celebrate these centenaries it is my intention to publish – between December 2015 and November 2019 – a series of essays about the work of Toc H . At the risk of setting myself a challenge I cannot rise up to, I plan to publish the essays quarterly from December 2015. Each essay will explore an element of Toc H’s rich and vibrant history.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I would appreciate being a follower of these posts as I have been a warden for 10 years but I can’t find that option. Maybe you can explain it to me. Thanks


    • Hi Morag. I’m quite new to WordPress too and I’m not sure how to set up Subscriptions yet. I will try and find out. However, I believe you are on facebook. I will be posting on facebook whenever I publish anything although this is going to be quite infrequent. I’m planning about 13 articles over 4 years with the occassional extra post


    • Morag. Down the right hand side of the blog should be a panel headed Meta. One of the links is Entries RSS. Click this and it will give you options of subscribing to the blog


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